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  • Edición impresa de Diciembre 16, 2014

Christmas is the time when we remember the Good News. It’s difficult to keep on track thinking about good news when all the media bombard us with bad news.

When I look into a child’s eyes, I think about the smiles and bright looks that a child has about almost everything. For a child the world is brand-new and a place to be explored, full of people that smile back.

As children grow we teach them to distrust, and be careful about everything. We tell them that the world is full of danger and awful things happen everyday.

As they grow old they hear more and more about tragedies and most of them are caused not by nature but by other human beings. In that daily learning process people learn to be fearful and submissive.

It is true that awful things are happening. It is also true that in the midst of those events caring and kind people are living and acting.

There were 43 students killed in Mexico; they were killed by a handful of people, also involved were politicians, drug dealers and accomplices. It is also true that thousands of people in Mexico have raised their voices and have courageously demonstrated against what has happened. Their voices have been so loud that others throughout the world have joined them and are watching and judging. Parents, friends, and acquaintances of the students killed have dedicated their time and effort to tell the truth to the world.
The same has happened in US when thousands have demonstrated against police brutality and the killings of black people. Thousands of people are listening to their voices and are questioning the circumstances surrounding the killings and excess force in several parts of the country.

Can we think of some of the people that we know who are doing something to help others? Can you think of a time when you found out about a case that required attention and were able to join the cause because someone alerted you? If that’s true, then we have to acknowledge that good outweighs bad in every instance. The media highlight what is wrong, and we must not get trapped in the ill feeling that brings about hopelessness and despair.

We have to let the seeds of pain and violence turn into seeds of hope and love.

We cannot think of arming ourselves against evil with more than love in action, because turning to force and violence is what has taken us here.

The more arms we have in the world, the more violence we can expect in return. History and war have taught us that violence produces violence and the only winners are the arms producers, the professional soldiers and military trainers.

The Good News is about love that changes. Love that is of capable feeling someone else’s pain and caring about it. Hate is thinking about future generations having to live with the consequences of hateful acts near them, and love is thinking about not clouding the smile and eyes of a child who trust and expects the best from us.

As the year closes, I am grateful for all those voices that have called to my heart and have moved me into action. I am grateful for the Good News in the loves of many.

Merry Christmas to all our readers and collaborators !




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