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  • Edición impresa de Enero 7, 2010

Even though we only are one musical note in the endless symphony of the world’s history, we have agreed to call a given day: “the New Year”. For such an occasion we have all kinds of personal and collective rituals to celebrate the passing of the year.

In this time of personal reflection that leads us to New Year’s Resolutions we promise ourselves to quit bad habits and create new and healthy ones, but such determination seldom lasts beyond the following month.

Depending on our religious or magical beliefs we create lists of “not to do” things, and particular objects that will remind us of our new goals.

For example there is the belief that eating twelve grapes by midnight (one for each month of the year) for good luck, while hugging others, cheering in the New Year, and in some cases drinking to the new venture will secure us lasting happiness throughout the year. (That is if you don’t choke during the celebration.)

So in this ‘new year’, in which we start with the same health and wealth as the previous days, I propose that we celebrate each day as a new beginning full of endless opportunities. We may start the day without blaming ourselves for the things that were not as desired and forgetting about the difficult times we had relating to others.

We could start the day like children do, with the excitement and expectation of new and fresh hours to develop our creativity.

Even routine tasks can turn into learning and discovering adventures if we dare look at different ways to tackle them! Have you noticed how if you ask a child to help you set the table and let them be free, they will produce a colorful way of arranging the items? At first glance it may clash with your style or order of things, but once you look at it you find the charm and grace of a new approach.

Can you think of different ways in which you can celebrate your day today? Can you accomplish the new look without having to spend money? Can you include others in that celebration? (Share lunch, take a walk, or else?)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you open your eyes to start the day? Do you take time to be thankful for the fact that you are alive? Can you make an inventory of every part of you that is working and able? Do you greet your significant other or whoever you see first with a smile of acknowledgement and love? Are you thankful for the bed you had, the water to bathe, the clothes to wear?

If routine has taken the luster out of your daily life, I wholeheartedly wish you a Happy New Year full of New Days to celebrate!

There is no magic entrance to happiness; on the contrary there is a journey of discovery where it is your choice to turn on your own magic making life meaningful or tedious.

If in the past you have run up big debts, resentments and bad relationships, give yourself a second chance everyday by changing what you can today.

The power to create is within all of us, we only have to begin by exercising it in small ways until it becomes a way of life where new days are always welcomed.

You have made it this far and you have the energy and possibility to find wisdom, love and peace around you if you dare to look at things from a different perspective!

Happy New Days to all!!






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