Words do not begin to explain the beauty of the Dunes of Bilbao in Mexico. The dunes are 50 miles from Torreon, one of the most important cities in the north.


Pilot program for immigrants comes to Fort Wayne

A San Francisco-based nonprofit group has chosen Allen County as one of six pilot sites to promote awareness of immigrant-related issues


Scientific society offers scholarships to minorities

Chemical sciences scholarships for minorities: application deadline - Feb.15

The deadline for minority students in the chemical sciences to apply for scholarships from the American Chemical Society (ACS) is Feb. 15. In collaboration with several industrial partners and contributors, the American Chemical Society, which is the world's largest scientific society, makes the scholarships available to students as part of its ACS Scholars Program.


Indiana increased higher education funding while many states made cuts

BLOOMINGTON, IND. -- Indiana is spending more on higher education while many states are making cuts, according to a new report.

Declining state revenues, however, could make that trend difficult to sustain.