In this time of change when we have displaced people all over the world I think of the instances when confronting a problem one thinks that there is no possible good solution.

When I see what is happening to the immigrants in US, how they feel persecuted and almost discarded by society, I can imagine their pain and disillusionment.

Every human being hopes to work towards having at least a place to call his or her own.  Not necessarily a possession, but a place that is associated with home and security.  

Thousands of immigrants or families where there is at least one immigrant are facing a sudden change in their lives.  

I just hope that people here do not pay for the consequences of their unwilling departure.

The economy is showing more and more signs of weakening and all those empty houses and lack of clients will make the situation even worse.

As for those who have decided to go back to their places of origin, I hope you can see the your national territory with new eyes, with the eyes of opportunity and demand respect and equity at a place where you have all the rights to complain and expect change.

I also hope that on your way back you will also leave behind the use and consumption of merchandise associated with the place you are leaving.  

Imagine, you will have the opportunity to go to a real market place and buy fresh local items!  You may have your clothes done just for you by one of the many seamstresses that do wonderful work that here only very rich people can afford.

You can buy shoes that are handmade!  Why buy the ones that have been done at factories?

You can adorn your houses with authentic pieces of art made by the extraordinary artisans from your countries instead of using synthetic and plastic.

Times are going to be hard, but one can turn them into new and exciting ways of looking at life with a different perspective.

I have a friend who lost all her luggage traveling to Leticia, in the Amazons. She had to  buy a pair of pants and a couple of t-shirts at the market.  She made friends with some of the local people who felt sorry for her circumstances and they all ended up having a good time and creating a new business. Since many people lose their luggage they created tourists kits to provide them the basics.

It may sound rosy, but I do believe that in a changing situation you are better of without so much luggage and a better mental disposition.

The ones who remain here will also have to look for better ways to deal with things.  Someone will probably benefit from all the empty houses, second hand cars, and discarded items.  It may look like a gigantic garage sale.  But at the time of buying, remember:  There have always been migrants.  They are people who like your ancestors had to leave because others decided to make their lives impossible. When they left there were no more servants or slaves and their temporary kingdoms fell. Such was the case in the biblical Goshen, when the Israelites left Egypt.  

The Egyptians kept all their treasures and constructions all to themselves and started to decline.

The ones who escaped were able to start new lives but they had carried the learned values and idols of Egypt and were imprisoned by their own desires.

Only those who left everything behind were able to see the new land.  

We have to learn from history because it repeats itself since human nature has not changed.