During the past months I have reviewed El Puente’s history many times. I can say that I feel humbled receiving so much, from so many. God’s lesson of love and trust has been immense.

I remember not knowing anyone when we first arrived to this area, and how we noticed a lack of information in Spanish for the people who lived here. A tool was needed to be aware of each other and of our common struggles. God gave my family and I the opportunity to start the first Spanish newspaper in Indiana.

Since the first day we started meeting wonderful people and that has been a rule to this day.

The newspaper has been like a recorder of the many events that the Hispanics in this area have produced. It also has been a tool to express ideas and share good times. Informing about the events taking place in Michiana has contributed to a better informed community that tries to learn about its settling place, educating each other about the new surroundings and at the same time strengthening the pride on the Spanish language, culture and traditions of Latin America.

El Puente has been possible thanks to the collective effort of many. Some members have parted, others have arrived, but the sustained effort has been to serve Hispanics and the community at large.

Today there are many businesses, stores, and services in Spanish. Wonderful qualified people are arriving, also the children from this community are graduating from college and coming back to serve in this area.

Hundreds of Latinos are buying houses, therefore working and contributing to the wealth of Indiana . Several new churches are offering places of worship to help the spiritual need of the people and for the first time we have three members of our Latino community, running for political positions. We feel honored to be able to record and present you with this monthly information.

On behalf of my family, myself, and the staff from El Puente we want to thank all the readers, distributors, and clients that have made possible ten years of El Puente. We hope that on March 9th, 2002, you will come to celebrate with us and pray to God who has been so generous to this community.

Don’t forget Saturday, March 9th, 2002, Goshen College, Fellowship Hall, from 5 - 8 p.m.