Fabiola Garcia danced for the public at Diversity Day in Goshen this past February 22nd. She is a member of the “Grupo Folklorico de Elkhart” (foto: Jesús Mujica)

Matt bell, LEAP Noble County, Margarita White and Beth Monk from Celebrate Diversity Project and Dina Peña, County Court Interpreter are some of the leaders that are bringing about positive changes in Noble County.

Les & Gwen Zook, along with the children had several songs for the public on Diversity Day. (foto: Jesús Mujica)

Celebrate Diversity Proyect

In January of 2002 Lilly Endowment awarded a $2.7 million dollar grant to the Celebrate Diversity Project of the Noble County Community Foundation to develop and assist programs in bridging the cultural gaps. What is the Celebrate Diversity Project? It is a grant aimed to help Noble County translate its cultural diversity into community enrichment instead of confusion and strife.



PURPOSE: The focus of Latinos Count is to provide a platform for the community at-large to better understand the strengths and needs of the Hispanic/Latino community in Northeast Indiana.


Cocopa People’s Fishing Rights Case to Go to Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Despite months of talks between the Cocopa people, their representatives, human rights lawyers and federal and state environmental officials, the Cocopa are still banned from fishing their traditional waters in the Colorado River delta. “Eight thousand years, an entire culture, their traditions and their rights as indigenous people have not been sufficient for federal authorities to resolve this problem that the Cocopa suffer,” said Lorena Rosas, the coordinator of migrant and indigenous affairs for the Baja California Office of Human Rights.


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