Individuals everywhere in the world have demonstrated, rallied and prayed showing their opposition to the war. Nevertheless, United States administration continues its path towards a war that will involve most countries against their will.

I want to mention the school children who gathered in places like Goshen High School to listen to each other and debate against the position of United States in this world conflict. These youngsters chose a more sensible approach to dealing with conflict than the adults have shown.

It is also outstanding, that some others have moved to civil disobedience, first of all in Europe and even in some cities in the United States. In Spain, France and Germany several of the unions participated in a short strike to indicate where they stand concerning this war.

In many places, economists are warning about the disastrous effect of the war throughout the world that has been affected already by the possibility of a worldwide armed conflict.

The economy in the United States is slowing down and many workers have been laid off already, factories are closing down, and there is a shrinking budget to draw from to assist those in need. Education, housing and most of all health budgets went from counting on a surplus to having to face now tremendous cuts. Mr. Bush in his campaign promised that no “child would be left behind”. We are reminded daily though, that a child may need a free lunch and academic classes in order to succeed, and he also needs the security of a home and parents that are not so stressed out by the economy, so they can share some good times after a hard day’s work.

Freedom is for everyone, but what kind of freedom will this nation inherit if the work of many is going to be exposed in a war stand against the East?

Let’s continue to pray for everyone involved, including the troops sent to fight for an unworthy cause. Let us continue to unite our voice to those who are claiming peace for the planet. And maybe is time to be courageous enough to risk a days income stopping work to show that the masses of people who should be taking part in the decision making have a way of letting their voices be heard by stopping the economic machinery that fuels all this process.

Let’s continue to pray and above all, be ready to hear what God wants.