Contrast between the American and Colombian way of communicating

Chocola Lends Support to Home Ownership

Eating “Heart Healthy”


As Latino leaders of farm labor organizations representing immigrant workers from Mexico, their families and retirees, we write to say that we are outraged by the heavy-handed tactics that your administration is employing against the government of Mexico in an attempt to secure its agreement with your plan for waging war on Iraq.


International Criminal Court

THE HAGUE Eighteen judges took their seats Tuesday at the world’s first permanent war crimes court, a long-awaited body that the United Nations secretary-general, Kofi Annan, said could help “dismantle tyrannies” and replace them with more democratic governments.


Cocopa People’s Fishing Rights Case to Go to Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Despite months of talks between the Cocopa people, their representatives, human rights lawyers and federal and state environmental officials, the Cocopa are still banned from fishing their traditional waters in the Colorado River delta. “Eight thousand years, an entire culture, their traditions and their rights as indigenous people have not been sufficient for federal authorities to resolve this problem that the Cocopa suffer,” said Lorena Rosas, the coordinator of migrant and indigenous affairs for the Baja California Office of Human Rights.


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