The keys to success

It is not just a question of luck, winners have a certain attitude and way about themselves. First off, they are ready for anything that can come their way, be it positive or negative. They are prepared to deal with whatever pops up, because they know that sooner or later anything can happen. They have learned how to deal with and overcome life’s troubles.

According to psychologists, success is only 1% luck. The other 99% is individual effort. A person’s overall attitude and self-esteem is key. Successful people have one thing in common and that is self-confidence. They are committed to their goals and see a challenge where someone else may see a threat.

When faced with a problem, winners tell themselves “I can do it”. Even if it involves dealing with something that they are not familiar with, they struggle, learn and achieve it. Winners are also positive thinkers. If they feel physically drained or depressed, they quickly eliminate negative memories, stressful moments and anguish from their minds. They replace them with new and optimistic ideas that give new light to their lives.

The following is a list of tangible tips that will have you thinking like a winner:

1. If you want to receive, learn how to give. For example, if you want to replace your old washing machine, give it to someone who needs it or donate it to charity. This creates a mental and physical space for a new one. Likewise, if you have a certain skill, use it to help someone, because he or she will find a way to thank you. If, for example, you know a thing or two about mechanics, why not help your neighbor repair his or her car! They might know someone who can pay to use your services!

2. Limit your ambition. You know very well that you cannot have everything, so try to concentrate on what you truly desire with all your heart. his way you will not waste time and energy on things that you really do not care about.

3. Do something each day that will bring you one step closer to achieving your goal. A grain here and another one there can create a mountain. Do not sit around with your arms crossed waiting for something magical to appear. You may want to learn a new language, move up the ladder at work, or dream about a trip to Europe… Do not wait until you win the lottery, make a plan and hop to it. Register for classes at a language center, study and/or save money… Only you can decide whether or not you will reach your goals.

4. Always say “I want” and not “I need”. If you think that you ‘need’ a new car, when you finally buy one you will feel happy that you covered a basic need, but you will not be thrilled about purchasing a luxury item, nor will you take pleasure in satisfying a desire.

5. Be grateful. Consider yourself lucky if you have love and health. An English poet once said: “luck is the rough stone you receive when you come into this world”. It is up to you to shape it and smooth it out for it to be useful. Never use the notion of bad luck or destiny as an excuse to avoid responsibility, because this is another unfair way of bringing down someone else’s achievements.