Elena Featherston to speak at Transforming the Culture of Violence Against Women Seminar/Conference at Goshen College, College-Mennonite Church, March 11-12, 2004. Elena Featherston is a lecturer, workshop leader, writer, cultural critic and filmmaker. A political visionary, she has lectured on social theory throughout the United States and Europe since 1982.

Labor activist Dolores Huerta spoke at the History Center in downtown Fort Wayne. Huerta is featured in a photograph, that is part of a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition, Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement. Huerta, who co-founded the 40,000-member United Farm Workers of America with Cesar Chavez, made her remarks while visiting Fort Wayne’s History Center in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution exhibit, Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement.

The keys to success

It is not just a question of luck, winners have a certain attitude and way about themselves. First off, they are ready for anything that can come their way, be it positive or negative. They are prepared to deal with whatever pops up, because they know that sooner or later anything can happen. They have learned how to deal with and overcome life’s troubles.


Foreign-Born Population Tops 34 Million

The nation’s foreign-born population numbered 34.2 million in 2004, accounting for12 percent of the total U.S. population, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released today. The number of foreign-born is 2.3 percent higher than it was in 2003.


The war on terror has added to the biggest defense contracting boom since the end of the Cold War

Thirty-three other states and the District of Columbia have all seen bigger gains in defense contracting since President Bush took office, though Colorado is still strong on military space programs and other high-tech fields, Department of Defense data shows.