The people everywhere are speaking loud and clear. They are expressing their opinions about many issues. In United States two of the main issues are the anti-immigrant policies that are been discussed in the Senate, but also the protests against the war in Iraq.

Worldwide there have been demonstrations against the war in Iraq which continues to evolve around oil, money and power. Nevertheless the other issue that comes to the forefront it is the one related to water, money and power. It is very interesting that the equation is the same, only one of the factors changes.

Therefore we may affirm that nowadays the global power that controls issues that affect the common people in their native places is the samepower that contracts military force to impose its will over the lives of many.

The immigrants in US have decided to come forth and show their numbers, but also all the financial sectors of the country have openly admitted that they cannot survive without the presence of the immigrants legal or undocumented.

The agro-industry, chambers of commerce, business and financing organizations are lobbying now in order to affect the discussion in the senate about the twelve million ╬undocumentedÔ people who are helping build the economy in this country.

Are the people who are dictating policies going to listen? Maybe they will, or maybe not. If we take as reference what happened in Indiana, we find that the legislators decided to sell the present and future of the state on doing business by leasing part of IndianaÔs Toll Road to a foreign country The great clamor from the Hoosiers that opposed this measure was overlooked.

For the last four years people in US and abroad have demonstrated against the war. Every year more and more people in the United States are against the war in Iraq. Some of them are threatening to not pay taxes, since they are used to finance the war. If this is done it could make a difference.

Thousands of young people in France are protesting an unfair labor policy against them. Most of the country has started to listen to them. The government was inclined to help the employers over that of the young employees. Now the entire country is participating in the issue.

I do not look at all these conflicts with pessimism. On the contrary, I think we should be very hopeful. It would be a tragedy if people continue to be out of the discussions due to ignorance or negligence, but I see people awakening everywhere. Once they find out that their lives are been directly impacted by the decisions of few, they get ready for action.

Agreed, it may look troublesome to have so much discontent in the world, but it is very healthy when everywhere people want to shake off the superpowers that think they are dumb or do not know what is good for them.

This is the best time! You only have to join in the dialogue and the action.