We are celebrating 15 years of El Puente!

El Puente started in March 1992 as a collective effort that sought to serve the Latino community by establishing relations among themselves and also with the local host community.

 The effort continues to be a collective one and many have participated in it.  Currently the standing team is constituted of individuals from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and United States.  The extended team not only has people from several places in Mexico but also from several places in Argentina, United States and Spain.

Under the concept that history is made by people, we affirm that each and everyone’s story is an important and respected one.  That is why people have participated with their writings, sending photos and placing ads in the newspaper.  They also contribute information about the events that take place where they live.

I would like to quote the following from the first issue of El Puente: “Usually in the business world you do not mention the name of Jesus Christ.  In this we shall also be different. In this first issue we want it to be known that this joint work is really to follow God’s will.  We dedicate it to Him, to his Honor and Glory.

With humility and joy I want to invite all to affirm and participate by declaring that “ The Owner of this enterprise is God, I only work here.

Naomi Wamhoff’s drawing exemplifies the work done by those who collaborate with El Puente.  Today we want you to meet some of the ones who currently participate in making and distributing El Puente and others who have been with us from the beginning.

On behalf of El Puente we thank everyone who in one way or another contributes to this effort as readers, writers and those who have supported us.