Around 200 hundred people gathered outside Plymouth United Church of Christ in Goshen at a vigil to pray for peace as the war in Iraq reaches its fourth year. It was a time PRO peace and to express the love of Jesus Christ, acting as peacemakers. Many others were doing similar acts throughout the country and several others traveled to Washington D.C. to let the administration know of their position about war.

Church hosts vigil for arrested immigrants

Emotions are running high in the Hispanic community after an immigration raid at a Mishawaka factory. St. Adalbert’s Church hosted a prayer vigil for the people arrested in the raids and their families.

Family members cried as they described how they heard about the raids. Father Chris Cox says while a lot of people attended the service, a lot of people stayed away out of fear.

“There was a tremendous fear to begin with and now that’s only been amplified,” said Cox. “There were people who when they say the vehicles of the press didn’t want to come in here, because they were afraid something might be happening here.”

Many people donated money to the families after the vigil. They also signed petitions calling for immigration reform.

(From the South Bend Tribune)

Goshen College senior Neal Friesen of Henderson, Neb., takes time out of a busy day of classes to write a note of thanks to a donor during the March 7 Tuition Free Day. The day was a celebration of the generosity of alumni, friends and businesses who help make the quality education more affordable and a day of awareness that tuition students pay covers approximately 66 percent of the cost to educate them for one year. Tuition Free Day symbolically marked the two- thirds point in the year when student’s tuition stops paying for their education and the financial support of others begins. In 2005-06, alumni and friends gave $6,927,046 to Goshen College. (Photo by Jodi H. Beyeler/Goshen College Public Relations)

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