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There are multiple reasons to join the quest for a local economy and local food products. It is particularly important that immigrants join in this effort because it not only allows for stronger roots in the area; but also because it is a matter of health and well-being.

In many cases people who come from abroad, in an effort to keep some sort of relevant identity, cling to the old way of life from their country of origin. What begins as a well intended effort to keep the ties to family and a native place; also becomes an impediment to learn new things, relate to other people, and even try to acquire a new way of life.

If we move to another country and pretend to bring everything that we left behind, then why come?

Most foreigners make their best effort to learn the language, and work a lot in order to move ahead. One thing that sometimes is not taken into consideration is that each territory has an untold set of rules about how to do things. It may look funny or even stupid to the newcomers, but everyone knows their homeland..

One of the ways to participate as a member of the new ecosystem is to be part of the effort to have local community gardens, or grow your own vegetables.

Everywhere in the world people are realizing that we are members of the human race; we are also part of the many species in the planet and we share the soil, air and water with plants and animals in a common bond. In terms of the ecosystem the net is wider than nationalities or even personal interest.

We have to come to terms that the human being is not the center of the universe. We are part of the place where we are at, with the people that surround us. We have a role to play and a responsibility towards others and the land. But is not only that. We are also called to have fun and enjoy the place.

The children that are born here, have a better chance to learn about the land, plants and local activities, but this happens only if adults stand by them in their effort to grasp the new culture.

Many time parents feel left behind because they have a hard time learning the language and adjusting to a new culture; children, on the other hand, are excellent guides to the new life.

I think there has to be a healthy balance in remembering and keeping the best from the culture of origin, while also learning about the new culture and taking the best of it.

As spring starts in the northern hemisphere people begin to prepare for a time of hard and fruitful work on the land. Look for ways to join the movement of growing and buying locally what you eat. In doing so, you will be able to exchange ideas with others, you will also have something to offer and the end result will be a better place to live and work.

Every spring, life itself offers us the opportunity to be reborn with our surroundings. Let’s get ready to join hands in life.







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