These are confusing times for everyone.  So many things are at stake in the coming days with the political agenda in the United States, yet the issues have not been clarified.

There have been pledges to improve the economy and pull the troops out of Iraq, but no clear specifics have been given to those promises.

Meanwhile, the media has ways to highlight certain personal attributes of the candidates that I find irrelevant, but exemplify the ever-present racism in this society. For example; I still do not understand why Barack Obama is described as a black man with a white mother, but never as a white man with a black father. I have not seen the same descriptions about Hillary Clinton or John McCain. According to the media they probably are colorless and race-less, and in Clinton’s case, gender is the only thing that matters.

I almost feel sorry though for the person who inherits the problems of this country. Whoever is elected has to bring about a lot of rehabilitation; in economics, trade, and above all, international relations.   There have been complaints about U.S. involvement in other parts of the world, both with arms and troops.  The trade agreements have impoverished other people and. created massive displacements.  There has been an overall disregard for the well being of the planet implied in the non-acceptance of the Kyoto agreement, showing an air of superiority that can no longer be supported with economic power to continue imposing U.S. will on other countries.

In the case of the immigrant issue, they have been exposed to double oppression by society.  On one hand they were rejected by unfair conditions in their places of origin.  These conditions were created by a tacit agreement of the leading elites both of their country and the U.S.  Conditions that have created more and more poverty and violence due to trade agreements like NAFTA, which drive people out of their lands, right into the hands of human traffickers where they become one more piece of merchandise.  The immigrants, mostly undocumented ones, become the scapegoat for all the things that go wrong in their host country.

It is too late in history to continue blaming one another for the current situation in United States and abroad.  History is placing before us the need to change to new forms of energy, therefore new jobs, and a new direction in general.

Before a new set of rules is imposed onto people of color, creating isolation for human beings of any color, we should be ready to explore new ways to analyze, reflect and work with one another as a human race, creatures of God with the same worth.

If we acknowledge our part in the system, and become aware of how we are participants in injustice, we will have the opportunity to reconcile with the earth and our fellow human beings anywhere on the planet.

Please do read beyond the color and gender issues and let us look on what the candidates‚ pledges are grounded.