“If our taxes are legal, why are we not?” This is a very important question in the middle of the current anti-immigrant feeling.

It is also the question that immigration advocates will raise on April 15th as the last minute tax payers in Chicago rush to beat the deadline to file their income taxes. The same question should be raised throughout the country.

This question is also tied to many others that involve the placement of moneys. For example, millions of undocumented workers who have paid taxes will not claim unemployment, pensions or food stamps. They also have no right to claim any credit for their minor children.

As stated by the activists from the March 10th Movement, who are preparing to demonstrate in the streets of Chicago on May Day (May 1st) 2008, according to The New York Times, “Every year $7 billion in Social Security tax revenue and $1.5 billion in Medicare taxes come from “incorrect” Social Security numbers. Each year the SSA receives more than $50 billion dollars from incorrect and fictitious Social Security Numbers”.

In order to pay taxes the government assigns ITIN and EIN numbers. The government also sends out millions of letters for unmatched SS numbers. When this happens, the moneys collected under such “wrong” numbers go into the Earning Suspense File (ESF). The ESF file has increased from $283.20 billion in 1999 to $585 billion.

The other question is, “Where is the money? What is it destined for? Who is benefiting from that big pot?”

Some analysts estimate that without payroll tax contributions of illegals, filed under stolen or fraudulent Social Security numbers, the Social Security system would collapse years earlier than estimated.

Undocumented aliens represent cheap labor for employers and billions of dollars to the government to temporarily prop up the failing Social Security system. Under the current circumstances the country benefits from maintaining a steady stream of undocumented workers; businesses want cheap labor, the consumers want low prices and the Social Security Administration keeps some benefits that will never be tapped into.

Therefore, we have laws that regulate free trade for goods but do not give people free access to opportunities in the countries under those agreements.

We also have laws that assign proper tax reporting numbers without any benefits for those who have worked under those numbers.

At this time when the country is about to elect who the democratic candidate will be, many questions are being asked about their opinion on various matters, yet the hard questions of where the moneys are, are never mentioned.

Once more I ask’ “Where are moneys withheld from the undocumented workers?” Not only that, but, “Where are the moneys that all of us pay in taxes? Have they gone to pay for the war?” If the housing crisis continues with no help, and more people are going without health insurance and other necessities, may we ask “Where is the money”?