2005 Goshen College senior business student awardees: (left to right) Fallon Will, Rachel Naftali, Jeff Claassen, Diana Torres and Thushan Hemachandra. (photo by Jodi H. Beyeler)

Lesther Caceres, from Guatemala, graduated from Goshen College on April 24, 2005. Prof. Rafael Barahona, congratulated him for his accomplishments.

US Business Habla Español

By Domenico Maceri

“We are an English-speaking nation” declared Arizona State Rep. Russell Pearce (R-Mesa), as he tried to explain his new bill which would make English the official language of his state.


Dear Senator Lugar:

The results of our Tax Day Poll at the Elkhart Post Office reveal that the priorities of our citizens would direct far more of the budget to life, far less to death, than the way Congress now spends our money. These results are consistent with results over the past several years. In addition, there was a new message from the taxpayers this year - the growing deficit is perceived as a danger, and they want you to work to reduce the national debt.


100%, Pure Colombian Coffee

By Richard Lyon

Six years ago, eleven year old Juan Valencia died in a tragic ac-cident in his home in southern Colombia. Today, his twenty-six year old brother, Edwin, uses his little brother’s name for his com-pany’s product: Colombian coffee.

Edwin Valencia looks younger than his age and is energetic and proud as he explains the processes of preparing the raw coffee beans he imports from his native country into packaged, high quality coffee.