NIMIA, Northern Indiana Medical Interpreters Association

By Maria Schwieter

NIMIA (Northern Indiana Medical Interpreters Association) is the only existing association of medical interpreters in Indiana. NIMIA was founded five years ago by Maria Schwieter and several other Spanish medical interpreters who were interested in pursuing a statewide standard that includes the certification and education of all medical interpreters. The many goals of NIMIA include the promotion for formal training for all medical interpreters; to create state standards for medical interpreting, and promote recognition amongst health care providers that certification is a must for hiring interpreters. As stated in Title VI, health care providers have to provide interpretation services to their clients who have limited English proficiency (LEP). This law was enacted to prevent gross errors in the treatment of LEP patients. NIMIA hopes to take a part in furthering this cause. We would like to grow in numbers and eventually have a presence in our state. We invite you to join our organization. You do not have to be an interpreter to join. Our organization is open to anyone who is interested in helping us succeed in our cause.

From left to right: Joanne Camarillo, Board member HLHCEC; Dr. David Williams, speaker for the event; Nancy Jewell, President IMHC; Liliana Quintero, Executive Director Hispanic/Latino Health Coalition of Elkhart Co.; Mónica Wringer, Outreach Asistant Hispanic/Latino Health Coalition of Elkhart Co.