Myths vs. Facts: Commonly used attacks against immigrants

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FACT: Immigrants pay taxes, in the form of income, property, sales, and taxes at the federal and state level.


Press Release USCIS Issues Reminder for Hondurans and Nicaraguans Eligible for Temporary Protected Status

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­ With less than one month remaining, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services today issued a reminder to Hondurans and Nicaraguans eligible to file a re-registration application for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by the closing date of June 1, 2006. Failure to file a TPS re-registration application by June 1, will result in the withdrawal of TPS


Diana Reyes as Claudia; Gilberto Báez as Poncio Pilato; Victor Hernandez, Jesucristo; priests, Ricardo Avila y Roberto Alvarez and soldiers Luis Palomar, Jorge Negrete y Fernando Patlan. This was the play done at St. John’s Catholic church in Goshen, during Holy Week (photo: Lupita Zepeda)

El Grupo Folklórico de Elkhart, under the direction of Lupita Zepeda, performed several Mexican dances during the 5 de Mayo celebration in South Bend. (photo: Axel Hernández)