Justice for Immigrants March in Indianapolis

By Yizzar Prieto Ramos

The 1st of May March in Indianapolis had a very concrete motive. It was a march for justice for immigrants. Over 6000 people with white shirts and American flags flooded the downtown streets asking government approval of a fair and comprehensive immigration reform.

The Coalition for Justice of Immigrants in Indiana organized the event on the traditional Labor Day celebrated in most countries. Trained volunteers organized the crowd and led them from St. Mary’s Catholic Church to the city’s downtown. As the march passed, organizers made sure the streets were left cleaner than before.

It was not only Hispanics who marched on Tuesday; it was all the people who believe a diverse society is beautiful. Workers, professionals, children and mothers marched in solidarity for those who hold a difficult position in our society.

Around Monument Circle the crowd listened to the speakers who are leaders in their communities. The different groups included in the march came not only from Indianapolis. There were people from South Bend, Lafayette, Fort Wayne and smaller cities spread throughout the State of Indiana.

All of us who shared this moment of struggle have a clear reason of why we marched. One of the biggest banners spread across the entire street said it best: “Continuing the dream. We are all Immigrants”.