Learning to unlearn is one of the great challenges today.  As a society we have arrived at a place where we need to reconsider our situation.

The planet and most of its creatures are suffering and as one of those creatures we have to ask ourselves how have we arrived to a place of extended war and violence, lack of food and the lives of many in the hands of just a few.

When I look at the current political campaigns in US, I ask myself ö What is going to happen after someone is elected?  Will people go back to watching, complaining and feeling powerless?  I hope not.

People here are awakening to the fact that the power lies in them and not with those who hold office.  Of course that is true only if you have been working with others in creating a new community that dares to challenge the existing rules in innovative, creative ways.

In our era of instant coffee and instant mashed potatoes most politicians get away with calling on some ãleadersä that help them set up the crowds for their presentations.

People eagerly go to these events but in reality there is no real grass root work that supports the change that needs to take place during and after the voting process.

That is probably why we need to unlearn how things are being done, because it is not working.

Every time people face change there is a wall of resistance that presents itself as a very complex set of rules, regulations, laws, etc that make people feel powerless.  Not once do we question who created all those rules.  Now we need to create a new framework that allows all to relate in different ways.

We have to unlearn how we perceive ourselves and of others. How accumulating stuff gives us the false impression that someone is worth more than others.  We need to test whether all the academic learning that takes place at all levels in institutions is really working for most people.  Maybe the reason we have such a huge drop out rate is because young people do not want a place in a society that they perceive as going downhill, does not speak to their spirit and crushes their creativity.  

When I talk about creativity, I am referring not only to expressions of art, but to the right of any individual to gather with others and think through issues to resolve them.  The energy is in that working together that spreads and makes a difference.

I think there is fresh air coming from many small places that have been working on how to change the way crops are planted and distributed. Others are questioning whether we are overtaxing th e land to feed our vehicles instead of people.  Many small groups are connecting to each other in order to make changes in their daily lives.

This is a time for hope, unlearning and being brave.  Young people have a better chance in this changing as they have less to unlearn. Nevertheless, we all need to learn how to swim the new river of opportunities without so much clothing.