Life has a way of making its way, even after the worst crisis. An example of that is how after the controversy and pain that war brought over the country, nevertheless in every town and city of the states there are hundreds of teenagers and young adults graduating from high schools and colleges.

Even though a few made the decision to place everyone at a state of war and therefore death, the students continue to move towards the future, even if at times they felt that there is not a clear tomorrow.

Once more it goes to prove that leaders are not those who make history, but the humble everyday workers who with their daily work and effort make what we see today.

Every year during this same season, thousands of parents throughout the nation see that they did not work in vain. They had to work under conditions dictated by others, many times sacrificing their dreams and having to work under very unpleasant orders, but always thinking that the next generation may have a better opportunity than the one they had.

As I write this editorial, many women and men went to work on Sunday at 8 in the evening, and others will start to work at 6 in the morning. They probably would like to spend a few more hours in bed, yet they know that factories have to operate so that the economy does not crumble. The workers know that they have not let the country down. It is not their fault if the so called leaders created a “globalization”, that will leave them without work and will exploit the people elsewhere.

Also, the students have studied to ready themselves for the work ahead. They have worked hard and are full of expectations. Let us hope they can continue to study, not just for the sake of having a place in the economical tower, but also to question how their study and work is connected to others. If they can see beyond their individual need, and move to find their own identity in the world they have to live in, maybe they will be able to change the policies that affect the poor, the oppressed and the disenfranchised.

The indigenous people of the Americas, also watch the rites of passage, they know that they are the keepers of the culture and the teachers of the myths. They are very respected because they have learned to live at unison with the earth,

In our cultures, we have lost the dreams and myths; instead commerce has built a fake bubble of needs and wants. The old generation lost the right to lead because it has harbored death and disillusion, but life always has a song to its Creator. Today as many have graduated, a prayer of thankfulness comes from our hearts for this occasion and also, a big applause for all the youth that are carrying forward the will to live a different kind of life!!