Ada Beachy signs a hymn in honor of the Barrera family at Jocelyn’s 15 birthday party.

The Ortega Family Story

By: Bill Templin

Natividad and Maria Ortega have kept their Family Selection Committee letter of Congratulations on becoming a Habitat Partner Family as a constant reminder of being blessed with a house that is now a home. They have fit into a nice neighborhood well by caring for their home, landscaping and yard. Elisa and Mayra are their charming daughters.

Maria and Natividad recently made a video produced and directed by Dick Hostetler of Goshen for the Elkhart County Hispanic Community. This video will be shown to individuals, businesses, churches and community organizations to gather support for the First Elkhart County Habitat House to be built by the Hispanic Community. The video is in Spanish and Natividad also did an English language version.

Natividad says “It is a great experience to be living at a house built by Habitat specially when we realize that this house was built with love from so many different people.”

Maria and Natividad say “Thank you Habitat.” “Our future as a family looks much brighter because of you.”

ETS Study: Hispanics Advancing in Science and Engineering, but Many Obstacles Remain

HOUSTON—A new study from Educational Testing Service examines the prospects for increasing the proportion of Hispanic and other minority students in science and engineering and calls that task “as daunting as it is necessary.”


$250 Thousand Million

Many involved in the immigration debate, both on the pro-immigration and the anti-immigration sides, all too often believe that immigrants are a net drain on the American economy. Those on the pro-immigration side then typically call for compassion for the immigrants, and those on the anti-immigration side typically call for a halt or reduction of immigrants.


Over 16 million cases of Chilean peaches, plums and nectarines will come by sea to American supermarkets December through March, creating an abundance of outstanding fresh summer fruits to choose from during North America’s winter months.