Photo of Shelley Triol, Assignment and Operations Manager, Channel 13, WTHR TV Indianapoilis; Ricardo Parra; Olga Villa Parra; and Soledad Garcia Woodburn

Rafael Sánchez shares a media insight Latino Community Media Workshop

Maria Rosales. Even before graduating , she started working at Bank One in Goshen.

Latino Community Media Workshop

By Ricardo Parra

(Indianapolis, IN — June 7, 2003 ) How do you get news coverage for important issues and stories such as tobacco prevention and the dangers of second-hand smoke? How do you build better media relations? How do you prepare for a news conference? What is the best time to plan a news conference or have an event covered?



NEA President Reg Weaver Expresses Concern About Today’s Hispanic Drop Out Rate Report

The National Education Association (NEA) remains seriously concerned about the terribly high Hispanic drop out rate.


Bicycle Rodeo planned at Zion Lutheran Church June 28

BRISTOL ­ A Bicycle Rodeo is set for Sat., June 28 from 10 a.m. ­ 1 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church, 53013 CR 19, Bristol.


Some Things You Should Know

This summer there won’t be a jazz festival in Indianapolis, Kansas City, or Cincinnati. All three of these well-known jazz festivals have disappeared during the last year, victims of reduced arts sponsorships in a tight economy.


2003 Elkhart Jazz Festival Schedule

Friday, June 20