Open Letter to the World Community

Camilo Mejia is a true hero and a brave patriot. The war in Iraq was founded on Mr Bush’s lies and yet Camilo Mejia,


Dispelling the Myths About Immigrants

MYTH: Immigrants take jobs away from Americans.

FACT:     Immigrants create at least as many jobs as they fill.  Numerous studies show that immigrants are more likely to be self-employed and start new businesses than the native-born, and immigrants fill jobs that the native-born are either unwilling or unable to undertake, especially in the labor-intensive service/industrial sectors and in the high-technology/computer sectors.





Gilberto Perez, with some of the facilitators who attended the Biernvenido program.

Darwin Ortega, from Venezuela, has become an excellent member of the South Bend Baseball League He made two hits and his team won hits 5 a 0.  Congratulations to Darwin and his proud mother Yulli Ortega!