Computer room at Plazas Comunitarias in Nappanee. Hugo Robles is the instructor.


The Guerrero family is leaving Elkhart County. Gerardo, Cecilia and their children Carlos, Luis and Eric, leave a big void in the hearts of their friends. We wish them well as they settle down in Texas.

Hispanics lead U.S. population growth

One of every seven people in the United States is Hispanic, a record number that probably will keep rising because of immigration and a birth rate outstripping non-Hispanic blacks and whites.


Memorial Day

In a unimpressive pro forma act, Mr. Bush held an emotionless ceremony for U.S. soldiers who died in combat.  In his speech, he referred to those who have fallen in the criminal and immoral war in Iraq:

Thanks to their sacrifices, he said, “two terrorist regimes are gone forever.  Freedom is on the march and today the United States is safer.”


Finance Chiefs Cancel Debt of 18 Nations

The world’s wealthiest nations formally agreed Saturday to cancel at least $40 billion of debt owed to international agencies by the world’s poorest lands, most of them in Africa.