Search as one who knows that you will find, And find as one who knows that you still have to search; Since it is written that once you reach your goal, The only thing you have done is, to begin.

This is something I used to tell my students a long time ago, as they approached graduation day.  Today it makes more sense than ever.

Those who have achieved this new goal are now positioned on the first step to an endless road of searching and finding.

Humankind sometimes forgets that the search is not over. We are stubborn and want to impose our own ways, but mother earth is telling us to urgently change our ways. The next part of the road is crucial for all humankind and we are to call to revise and change the way in which things have been done so far.

The global climate change is presenting us with floods, earthquakes and drought. Since we are one of the species on the planet, we will have to assume the changes that we made ourselves have caused years of abuse to our environment.  The scarcity caused not only by the climate changes but also by erroneous trade policies, is one more thing that has to be changed.

Policies have been established and governments have made decisions that overlooked the welfare of peoples and instead favored the accumulation of power and money by a few.  The health and well being of entire populations have been affected by the greed that has ruled these past decades. Therefore, the time has come to search for new ways to look at and take into consideration our relationship to earth and with others.

When hunger and desolation strike there are no borders that will limit the extent of the damage.  We have poisoned the waters that irrigate our food.  We have killed the diversity that fed the diverse populations and have established a uniform kind of crops that benefit the merchants.  We have decided that it is better to bring the products from far away while taking away the support to local farmers and entrepreneurs, and we have applied the same standards in other countries that now cannot subsist on their own, because we have changed their way of life too.

Not only have we changed the way things are produced, but we also established a new race of people, those who have to migrate in search of money because we have taken away their resources.  They are the ones with no rights and no future.  We have altered their present and are sentencing their children to poverty, hunger and isolation.

There are millions of displaced people in the world now.  They keep going from one place to another having to adapt to new cultures, languages and way of life.  Once society has no use for them they are discarded because their lives are disposable like the conditions we have created.

But the earth is getting tired, and maybe is indicating that we are disposable too.

Do we have any compassion left to embrace those who are suffering because of our greed?

Can we encourage and affirm the new generation to search for ways that are not appealing to us, but give us the opportunity of a better future for many more, or do we continue to exercise power and block their initiatives of a different future, one that calls for a re-accommodation of social and political structures and gives us a new breath of life.

Even if the older generation is not ready to let go of power, many of us are hoping that in their new search the coming generation will take the power and make the changes that promote peace, fairness and a better life for all.