Hidden Talent in Kids

By Maria Alejandra Paez

Many kids don’t know their talent. They deal with their actions as if nothing new was happening. But what happens when someone notices their gifted talent? It brings a whole new world to the child.

Edwin Cinceros was born in the capital of Mexico and has been a citizen of Elkhart for 5 years. He is a 13 year old 7th grader at North Side Middle School who has just left Osolo Elementary as a well remembered student athlete. During his last year at Osolo Edwin participated in many sports. They included Track, Football, Cross Country, Soccer and Boys Softball. He was a very talented athlete. Edwin graduated from the sixth grade with a very special honor, the Bringle award, that is given to the best male student-athlete from his elementary school.  Edwin received the award on Tuesday, June 17th at a dinner at the Matterhorn Restaurant where the award was given to selected athletes of each school in Elkhart.

Edwin Cinceros was not just honored with an award, he was introduced to his talent. The head coach of a soccer club team in Elkhart spoke to Edwin and his mother, Beatriz, about having Edwin join the soccer team. The coach spoke about his skills in soccer; running and ball handling skills. His position on the team is forward. “I have been playing soccer since I was 9 years old.” quotes Edwin. A lot of work and dedication to the sport allowed Edwin to open up to his future in soccer.