Parables not always work the same way. In the prodigal son’s parable, the son misuses his fortune, loses everything and comes back seeking any place in his father’s house.

The father with open arms, not only greets him, but also invites him to enjoy the house, the fields and everything in his possession.

When I look at the immigrant population in the U.S., I am looking for welcoming signs from their places of origin.

Most of them left home because they needed to make a living elsewhere, and many of them did well. In fact hey did so well that nowadays one can look at the principal source of income of most Latin American countries and find out that their migrants are supporting the country!

With their hard earned dollars, they have not only supported their families here, but also their extended families in their places of origin. On top of that their respective countries have come up with all sort of programs, where the immigrants can participate with their money in order to make improvements to towns, neighborhoods and cities. This helps them do what their country never did.

So this is a reverse prodigal story. In this story the one who leaves has to make enough for him and for all others.

Now when the hard time comes, there is no welcoming sign, saying. “‘Happy Homecoming’. We want you to enjoy what you have earned. Please, bring your things and your families and we will find a place of honor for you at the national table.

We will assure you that we will make everything possible to make life easier for you. No extra taxes, no limitations, just come back, children of our homeland.” But the stories that I have heard lately are quite different.

Some of the consulates are not renewing documents unless you have a valid driver’s license form the state of residence (?). Do they have an answer of how to get one?

You need to pay extra for your passports and documents, since it takes more resources to process them here (?).

And the last story I heard was the following: You can get a valid driver’s license from the states of Hidalgo, Aguascalientes, Puebla and others, for the very modest amount of $250 dollars. The people assigned to do that, approved by someone in Mexico, have to charge so high due to all the difficulties of coming to each town, taking the documentation, paying lodging, traveling expenses and many other expenses that increase the cost of a document that otherwise would cost one tenth of that charge.

In their effort to help the local community, a blooming business is taking place.

Everybody knows that foreign driver’s licenses are accepted in US, only during the first 6 months of the individual’s arrival to this country. After that, they have to get a state license.

It is also well known that for ID purposes, most police departments and court systems accept the matricula or foreign ID document.

I do not understand why when people go to their respective consulates; they are not given a better service that does not overburden them. I do not understand, why common workers whose only crime is coming here to work, get such a hard time from the US government and their own governments.

Will there be some fair treatment for those in need?

I encourage the local organizations, to inquiry and unite around these issues.

I encourage the representatives from foreign countries to give better opportunities and fair treatment to their co-nationals. They have suffered enough in foreign land. Please welcome them back to their own house.