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  • Edición impresa de Julio 3, 2012

This year, 2012, is an election year for United States and Mexico.  In both countries people have been able to watch the publicity campaigns creating images and messages that do not address the needs or questions posed by the people.

As I write this editorial elections have taken place today in Mexico, and the results have not been announced.  Nevertheless an estimate of the moneys spent in campaigning can foresee who the elected one is going to be.

The same can be said for the campaigning in US. In a country where people are needing more help than ever, at a time when many lost their houses to foreclosure due to unemployment, the leaders collect humongous amounts of money in order to reach their goals of power and personal success.

In Mexico the  “I am 132 movement”, questioned many of the political maneuvers of each one of the candidates.  It is too bad that the movement appeared too late in the political process to be able to show an alternative and some kind of direction, so that the usual way of doing business could have been stopped.  But they deserve a watchful eye for their courage, resolution and willingness to step out seeking truth and clarity.

In United States, there is no such movement.  Some sectors of the population question parts of the process, but so far there is no change in the near future that indicates that there will be a change in the money-oriented procedure to access a nomination and election.

The nomination process at every level excludes the possibility of running for a position without previous support from the powerful who have the money. Therefore, the interest groups position the candidates that later on will favor their businesses and determine the elections.

The consolidation of power groups increases, bringing about impoverishment of the middle class and even more so to those with lower incomes.

In the midst of all this electoral fever, one can find those who do not take part in the electoral process because they already gave up believing in it. Others who listen to the well orchestrated campaigns and vote, like for a soap opera hero, not really thinking about the issues and proposals from the candidates. And of course there is  that group of people who have some sort of direct interest in the election of one of the candidates.

People are having second thoughts about the economy and how it has been handled; they felt hit by every proposal and law that diminished their power and accessibility to well being.  Most people also think that their present and future is more in their own hands that before.

If they no longer believe the empty promises from politicians and have made personal adjustments, changing the way they live, buy and consume, then there is a climate of change that comes from the ground up and there is more probability that if change takes place, it will not be to the liking of those currently running for every political position.

Change is taking place and people are aware of it; like at other times in history, those in power were the last ones to notice.

So let us trust in the people in each country who in their daily life honor love, fairness and work, and extended it to those near them.  The present and future is in their hands.






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