Modern western life is a delight except when there is a power failure. Especially in the big cities that produce a lot of intangibles, life can get very complicated and people realize how much we are dependant on electric artifacts.

The big blackout of several eastern states and part of Canada showed how we are all “interconnected”. In a place like New York, life as they know it stopped, and real human interaction took place. Once more, the human spirit was victorious, individuals stepped in to help others. People shared water, resources and even space. A lot of individuals had to resort to sleep on the floor, many of them on the sidewalks.

Most prepared food was not available, only gas fueled pizzerias were able to sell their products. But people shared whatever was ready to eat, and they also drank beer and wine. There was a generous spirit in the midst of inconvenience.

Above all its very humbling to find out how far we all are from a natural setting. Stores and gas pumps close when there is no energy. Cell phones and regular phones don’t work. TV sets and radios turn mute. Cars, buses and subways stop.

In small cities life is easier in uncertain times. People are closer to cows, chickens and pork. Corn grows everywhere, and in the summer a lot of people do cook outs. Nevertheless stores and gas pumps would also close in a time of a blackout.

How vulnerable we are! It doesn’t take a terrorist attack to know that United States like any other society depends on others. The country depends on imported food, clothes, parts, oil, and manufactured products. We also depend as New Yorkers did on the good faith of others.

There are dark moments when you have to trust humankind. Are we as a nation ready to trust? If United States continues its foreign policies, there will be no barrier of protection left for the country. How can US trust those who have been hurt by our way of life? Some news reported that Iraqi people were laughing at the blackout here. They thought it was about time people here felt what they have been through for several months now.

There are times when richness and power are not enough. There are times when you need others to help you. The time arrives to share resources, and that includes wealth, power and people worldwide.