As I was walking through the local farmer’s market, I enjoyed smelling and looking at the fresh products.  I felt so grateful for all those small farmers who had grown these products with care, with no chemical additives.

Real fresh products look and feel different.  They are not picture perfect but their taste is.  Sometimes when one sees those beautiful apples that look so perfect and so big what follows is an awful disappointment because the taste doesn’t match the looks.

I remembered the times at the market place in Colombia, or in Mexico, where you can have a direct conversation with the one who has been working the land.  

Sometimes they would take offense if you belittle the products they are offering. I imagine the same thing would happen here at the local market.  Only the one that works the land and has respect for it can offer the true gifts that God intended.

Why am I writing about apples and food markets when the world is going through wars and there is a change of weather that is causing many deaths due to heat in several places on the planet?

I think it is very related.  I am so glad to see a continuous effort from the people in United States and others part of the world to go back to the land.

In doing so, we are looking for a respectful and loving relationship with the land and therefore with our neighbors.  

We care for each other when we produce food items that are not loaded with poisonous chemicals in order to improve their appearance, or to make the land yield more than it should.

What could be more directly related to health and wealth than keeping the land out of the hands of the agro-industry?  Thousands of farmers have been driven off their land here in the states and of course in the third world countries. The land has become the object of exploitation for the benefit of few and to the detriment of the people who have to accept the standards set by greedy corporations.

In caring for the land, people are taking a revolutionary step to take control of their lives.  If that trend continues to take place, I foresee a better present and future for the people here and abroad.

We have been enslaved by a way of life that is taking away any decision making from our hands.

Thank you revolutionaries!  We will not need so much oil to produce and distribute food.

We will not need so many medicines to correct the ingestion of polluted produce. We will not have to grow so much corn to feed cattle, while in other countries people die of starvation.

I hope all of us can follow through in supporting your effort and finding new ways to make our lives less dependant on the unnecessary and more trusting of our close neighbors.  The peasants from the third world countries are hoping that you will continue regaining your country!