Mexican Consulate to arrive

ELKHART, Ind. — Learning Generation Initiative and Plaza Comunitaria are sponsoring a Mexican Mobile Consulate in Elkhart at the Elco Theater on Main Street Aug. 17-20.

Mexican citizens can renew their passports and be issued an identification document called “matricula consular.”

The Mobile Consulate is expected to serve 1,000 people.

National City Bank, Lake City Bank and Wells Fargo Bank will pay $500 each toward the expenses for this event.

LGI is making appointments for this event through a toll free number: (866) 501-0255. The person answering the phone speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Having an appointment time will allow people to access consulate services without having to miss an entire day of work or needing to arrive hours ahead of the opening to wait in line.

Last year, hundreds of people who had been waiting since 3 a.m. were turned away because the consulate could only serve so many people in a day.