I am afraid of fear because it brings out the worse in people.  I believe that if I confess my fears at least by acknowledging them, I will be able to face them.

I am afraid that fear will keep me so busy trying not to die that I will forget how to live.

Once more, due to recent events, we have been reminded that there is a threat against the United StatesÉ and EnglandÉ.SpainÉ.Israel, there are so many places and so many enemies that I cannot keep track of all of them.  Are there really enemies, or peoples that we have ignored? I open the newspapers and see the faces of terror from Lebanon, Israel, and many other places in the Middle East. But wait, I also see them in China, Philippines, Nepal, Central America, South America.. Once more I lose track of them all.  Who is the enemy?

The national alert was red in US, and orange in Great Britain and I guess it’s beyond any color in places that have become a real battleground.

I am told that I should look at the faces of foreigners and second-guess if they are terrorists, but then again I remember that a national not a foreigner caused Oklahoma and his skin was not dark. In the midst of all this danger and threats, I also have to assimilate that the Nile virus from mosquitoes is a real threat, as also is the bird flu, the plague and many other dangerous and lethal things that wait out there to finish us all.

I also must remember that I should have my batteries, medicines, food, water and a stock pile of commodities in case of a tornado, flood, hurricane, etc, etc.

If I live in constant fear will I have time to be with others?  Will I be able to spend some free time just getting to know someone?  Will I have the energy to spend my time and energy just living?  If I have to be constantly thinking about what might happen, will I miss out on my present? Once more the daily news have given us something to fear.  

Fear damages our relationship with others.  We become afraid of those who are different from us. It also creates aggressiveness and it increases doubts that are based in ignorance. Little by little we have turned from carefree children into a society that is dominated by fear.  We think that we are protected if we use security systems, guards and other shields at individual and national levels.  We also invest time and energy being fearful of illness and death even though they are part of nature and the last one is unavoidable.

I wish I would have the courage to live and love today.  I hope that by doing so I can accept and appreciate the lives of those who surround me.  I hope that will give me a bigger heart to be able to think of those far away as my equals.  Everyone existing as his/her own different being like many flowers in God’s garden.