Summer is almost over and most students are back to their studies. I wish them well but above all I have several other wishes for them and for their teachers.

I wish a renewed spirit for the students. I hope that they are able to see the good hearts of the people who are instructing them, but they must also seek for new ways to approach knowledge and act upon it.

The previous generations even though they have done their best, have also made their quota of mistakes. The way in which instruction is imparted and who benefits by it is one of the things that has to be analyzed and changed by future generations.

If one is to judge success by the way the world is right now, we have to admit that something has gone terribly wrong in the way we relate to each other, and how we relate to the earth itself. Therefore, there have to be new ways of looking at history that may teach new students about past mistakes. If we are honest about the way we look at our own history, we may have the opportunity to offer the newer generation better tools with which to work.

In the field of economics, greed has been the main engine that has led to the use and exploitation of land and people, leaving behind desertification, change of the weather worldwide, and lack of control over what we eat, how it is raised and even more how it is delivered.

Greed also has taken control of most of society around us. If we look at what we wear, the appliances in our homes, and first hand items like utensils, dishes and toys; once more we see that is not only that we are exposed to contaminated food, but also substandard items that do not function well and in the case of toys, some are even contaminated with lead.

Young children in school do not yet have the concept of greed ingrained in them. For them relationships are more important. They want to play and they want fairness to rule the way in which they do things.

Even as they grow older and later on attend high school or college they continue to have that need for justice in their lives.

While they learn about ‘subjects’, they also learn that is not ‘realistic’ to look at ways of doing things without any profit. They learn that managing their life has to do with getting the most and to think on the local frame without looking beyond to actions that impact the lives of others abroad. They are also taught generosity by means of sharing the excess from their lives with the unfortunate ones who are the product of our ill constructed economy.

They learn about discrimination, racism and unfairness as part of the real world and how there is not much that can be done about it because is made up of rules beyond our control. Who controls and creates those rules? Who challenges their roots?

The new generations have a huge task ahead of them, that is why I wish them well.

At the local level I had the honor of watching some young people create, plan and produce a cultural week. Thank you. I learned part of the lesson.

You dared do a week full of new activities, without any money and not knowing the ropes. You followed your dream and were able to implement the skills and abilities of people from diverse backgrounds and different languages. I saw how it worked.

Congratulations to you and to all those who assisted you in the dream.

May there be many young people doing things everywhere that will allow others to think that a new way of doing things may be a possibility.