New Support Group for Latina

By Cris Marshall

Are you a working Latina struggling to deal with everyday life? There’s a new group meeting designed with you in mind. Every second Thursday, over the noon hour, you can meet with other working Latinas and talk about anything or everything - and it’s all confidential.

At the Center for NonViolence, located at 235 W. Creighton Ave. Latina women’s director Ana Giusti, and the YWCA’s Hispanic Outreach Social Worker Patricia Liberto have formed a group especially for Latinas who are working and trying to juggle everything else in life with it. These issues can include: young children, adult children who have come back home, marriage, dealing with aging parents, managing a home and work, living in a new community, trying to acculturate to an English-speaking American culture, and more.

Giusti says, “This is a new thing - I don’t think there’s a group like it anywhere else. But we found that just talking among our other friends who work that there are differences for us, Latinas, different issues that we face that maybe women who were born in the United States speaking English do not face. We were maybe raised in another country with different ideas and cultures - but here, we are trying to work and fit in and it’s hard. So we come together and talk and listen to each other and it seems to help. We are a new group - but I think we will be around for awhile.”

The group is free. It is also conducted in Spanish. For more information about when the group meets, call the Center for NonViolence at 260-456-4112.