A very important Bible School
By: Allene Newell, dir. of St. John’s Vacation Bible School 2002.

A very important event took place at St. John’s Catholic zChurch this past week, and here are some of the highlights from that event.

St. John’s Catholic Church in Goshen hosted a four day Vacation Bible School July 29 through August 1, 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. The Family of God - La Familia de Dios was the theme of the Bible School. One hundred children ages 3 through 11, participated in bible study and related crafts and music in St. John’s designations of Angels, Saints, Disciples and Christian Leaders.

The teachers included: Kelly Kissinger and Andrea Holdeman, Bible Study Patty Mosness and Faith Pollock, Crafts Deb Stack and Alexandra Hellebrand, Music Sandy Hill, Pianist Ruth Newell and Gail Nichols, Pre-School teachers.

Forty volunteers assisted the teachers and guided the children through the twenty minutes sessions which also included snack time and play experience.

On the final night, the children received tee shirts with “St. John’s Catholic Church ‘Family of God’ vacation Bible School 2002 logo, and presented a short program of song and bible recitation. This was followed by a carry-in supper for 320 parents, grandparents, etc.

One of the projects: The children and all of the volunteers made paper cut-out hands in a variety of colors for a Family of God “Tre of Hands” “Yours are the hands with which He is to bless people now”, a quote from St. Teresa of Avila was the inspiration for the “Tree of Hands” which now occupies a temporary place on the altar in the church.

The children’s missionary project raised $200 in pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters for Father Bob McCahill, a Maryknoll priest, formerly of Goshen, who has lived in Bangladesh for many years.

National Hispanic Survey

Washington, D.C.- The Board of Directors of The Latino Coalition (TLC) today released the results of their 2002 National Hispanic Survey at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The survey was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates’ Opiniones Latinas.


WASHINGTON - President Bush on Tuesday signed legislation ensuring that children born to American parents outside the United States don’t lose their place in line for permanent residence status when they turn 21.

Foreign-born children under 21 are supposed to get immediate consideration for visa petitions. But if the Immigration and Naturalization Service, because of backlogs, doesn’t begin processing the petition until after the applicant becomes 21, the person is shifted to a different category and the application process can be extended for years.


President Showalter’s address:

Welcome to Sauder Concert Hall in Goshen College’s new Music Center.Welcome to a building created to provide spaces that will accentuate and magnify our joyful noises. Welcome to a time when the music facilities at Goshen College finally match the talent, scholarship and teaching ability of our faculty. And, finally, welcome to a Music Center that simultaneously makes us proud because of its beauty and keeps us humble, since each brick and board are here because of the generosity of others.


“Canciones Por La Causa”

By Ricardo Parra

It’s Summer in Indiana. Each year, thousands of migrant farm workers come to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and many other states to prepare the crops for harvest and pick them. As you read this story they are busy at work in fields.