I have a commitment to freedom and independence. There are many ways in which history, customs, and background have created a web of resistance to real life.

It takes courage to break away from old patterns that

enslave and trap you forever.

We have inherited a way of seeing things that we assume is the correct one therefore other people must be wrong.

Can you mention one thing that is really your own? Which are your own ideas?

Did you grow up in a family that told you certain values about money, how to obtain it and spend it? Did your family send you to school and you learned how to behave in society? Did you also learn there that some people were better than others and had more value if they had achieved more?

After a while children realize that many of the rules made by society are not fair. In many cases the rebellion of adolescents is triggered by their realization that they are inheriting a world full of injustice.

Who is going to give you independence from your own limitations, habits and pre-concepts?

I think each one of us is called to live our own battles for independence. Our life’s journey is a lonely road, even though we walk alongside others, nobody can walk for us.

As we find our place in the collective struggle we find our own individual blockages.

Our own freedom is linked to the life of the poor, the marginalized, those who have not had any voice in history. As we realize how we live, in contrast we see their situation. If my way of life depends in my education, social status, or country of origin, I should also realize that others living elsewhere also did not choose their circumstances but are trapped in the same web that takes away my humanity.

In the coming celebrations of independence we could reflect about those who still struggle to survive in other countries. History has told us about their freedom. Are they free and independent to do what? In that same sense what are you free to do? Do you have time to spend with others? Do you have free time to enjoy with your family? What kind of independence do you have and at what price?