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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 20, 2016.

We are living in a time when information has become more important than knowledge. We are continually been bombarded with disconnected facts without any possibility of grasping the total picture and being able to make an opinion of our own.

In the midst of news that gives you bits of data, usually repeated every five minutes by the several media stations, you also get the Facebook reaction to the news and the hundreds of likes to a brief statement, or re-tweeting of a short statement to the facts.

What you seldom see is the invitation to look beyond the catchy sentences issued by the politicians, nor do you get to see the real political platform of the candidates running for any position.

Social media has been used for many good causes, and it has also been used for persecuting, harassing, bullying, etc. It is very easy to make comments forgetting that they stay and cannot be erased. It is also easy to give senseless comments about daily common stuff as if it were very important where the individual has eaten, where a picture was taken, or just to like or dislike what everybody else is saying. The important thing is to appear, no matter what.

Nevertheless that is a candid use of the social media, quite different from using it to make anonymous accusations about people.

In Elkhart County, Indiana, The Facebook page of the Sheriff is calling on people to give anonimous tips on undocumented immigrants. This invitation creates a climate of insecurity and distrust in the affected communities. It is also an invitation to people to settle fights, make guesses, and to provide information that damages entire families.

In more than one case a person who resents a better worker or someone who receives a salary raise, or a person with any type of grudge against a fellow worker or neighbor, use this anonymous and cowardly method to get rid of an individual they dislike.

When applying a law, two things should be taken into consideration. First who wrote the law, and what are the interests that the law is covering. Throughout history laws change in order to better accommodate and serve the interests of the people in power. That is how slavery was abolished (free workers were needed at the new factories), women were allowed to work in factories, (the war took away the men, and someone had to work at the factories), Some people were given amnesty in the 80’s,________________. You fill in the blank.

For the last 16 years the undocumented people in the country have been expecting congress to work on an immigration reform. Elections come and go and the reform has not taken place. Meanwhile the lives of the undocumented parents of the thousands or maybe millions of children born here continue to wait for a solution to their migratory status.

They have been played more than once telling them the laws are going to change, at the same time, thousands have been deported, especially for crimes such as driving without a license. They have been subject of raids, persecution, profiling, false promises, having lower salaries and not being able to complain about abuse because they don’t have ‘papers’. Now like in the time of the Gestapo in Germany, the authorities are asking the public to report those who are not supposed to be here. Will the people comply like it happened during the holocaust, or will they have the decency to wait for a change in the law?

If you need to be anonymous to give judgment, you probably have something of your own to hide.





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