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  • Edición impresa de Septiembre 19, 2017.

When there are problems you may encounter several interest groups looking for answers. For instance, let’s take the issue of immigration.

In first instance appear the group of scholars, people with a lot of academic education and also related to people in power. From that group you may have at least one big subdivision of those who want to put forward their own agenda, because a successful agenda brings money to the coffers and they always say that you can do nothing without money. The other subgroup is the people who have the connections and probably the money to ‘support’ the right effort.

We also have a big group of ‘specialists’. They are the ones that have acquired knowledge on the matter because they make a living out of exploring and ‘advocating’ for the issue. Among this group one may find plenty of the nonprofits, populated by middle class workers, some of which have a professional degree that enables them to work ‘for the people’. They should be aware that in the case of immigration, if there were no immigrants, the middle class jobs would not be needed.

Also part of this group are churches and their representatives more interested in the good name and reputation of the places they represent that of the interests of the immigrants or the poor. A lot of the money collected for good work is spent in administrative expenses, bigger places and larger parking lots. Also lately there is the need to do the right ‘marketing’, in order to collect funds for the good causes.

Another group are the advocates, sometimes closely related to the non-profit agencies and having answers without consulting those who are undergoing the effects of the problem. They have the right answer for most things and are good- natured or not individuals who by doing good escalate socially and gain influence. That is, the more your name appears in public is indicative that the person is doing something important and extraordinary. They may have a close group of immigrant friends that give them some advice on the matter.

On top of all these groups are the politicians. They are the ones who need the work of all the groups previously mentioned in order to move forward their own political agenda which above all is self-promotion and lots of financial benefits for the politician and his nearest circle of ‘friends’. They are far removed from the issues immigrants face and have only heard the stories through third parties and have read the bulky reports from the scholars and amateur political climbers.

They encourage their campaign and media managers to find real case stories to be told in public so ‘others’ get to know about the problems and how much money needs to be collected so as to promote the politician’s name and the agenda he/she represents.

Last of all are the immense amount of immigrants, along with their families and relatives, who know what the issues are because they are living and suffering the result of ignorance and widespread misunderstandings about their situation.

Some of the misconceptions are: first, they have benefited from this country without giving back anything and second, they are taking away the jobs of the American people. Let us clarify that they are here and they have earned their place in this society through their hard work, many times on jobs that nobody else does. Also they have received no free housing, food, medical care or any benefits that you can only obtain if you have a proper social security number. The immigrants, documented or not, have contributed with their work and taxes to build this nation and it is about time that people like the Dreamers be part of any group seriously discussing solutions to the immigration problems. They have earned that right through their own history, work, courage and perseverance. Therefore let us demand from the politicians, advocates and all kinds of groups, that the Dreamers and their parents be part of the discussions that are currently taking place.




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