The current situation has kept me thinking of a positive thing to say. Nevertheless I find none.  I tried to imagine the personal situations that common undocumented people are facing and see no way out for them.

I was hoping for a humane answer to the immigration dilemma, but the answer has been not only to create a physical and virtual wall, but also to give ample authority to the local authorities everywhere to work in coordination with the ICE officers (the new INS).

On the local scene I see many workers being laid off after working at a place for one or many years.  All of a sudden the hiring procedures, both at temporary agencies and the regular human resources offices, have changed.  Now they “know” when the documents submitted to them are not legal ones.

Was it that before people at those offices were not able to recognize the fraudulent documents, or maybe they did not care because they were not about to be fined by hiring undocumented workers?

What is the next step in the unfortunate situation of immigrants?  Will they lose their houses, or their cars, or maybe both?  What is going to happen to the many families that are being affected by sudden unemployment? Contrary to the belief in the general population, even though the undocumented workers had money withheld for social security and taxes, of course they will not be able to tap into any of that collected money since they do not have the documents to claim any benefits.  Therefore, there is no assistance for them.  They also will not be able to find help at the food banks, welfare offices, etc., since in order to get help from any place that gets federal money you need to be a resident, and in most cases you need to be a citizen to claim assistance.

And now that the factories and businesses have decided not to hire cheap undocumented labor, how are they going to compensate for such actions?  Will they hire people whom they need to pay twice as much for each salary? .  Will they shut down factories or part of them in order not to lose money?  Will the prices of items go up?

People in the agro-businesses are already facing loses of millions for rotten crops that were not collected this summer.  They did not have workers for the fields.  Is that going to increase the price of regular food items?

What most people failed to see was that the fate of the foreigners was directly related to the fate of the common public.  They were working and now they will not be, and that is going to have repercussions both here and abroad where people expect support from their relatives every month. Other countries are also going to feel the pinch when the millions of dollars coming from their expatriates will not be helping their nations.

Once more while everyone was discussing “The Wall”, and the tremendous harm caused by undocumented immigrants, “The Magician” that plays many illusion tricks managed to approve an extra  $70 billion for the war.

May I ask once more, “Who benefits from the war?  Who benefits with the wall?”  Is not Boeing, the first contractor to build the wall, one of the main companies that has benefited from the war contracts?

When the middle class in US becomes poorer, will it be because of the immigrants, or do we have something else to blame?