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  • Edición impresa de Octubre 5, 2010

I have been reading news from US and from around the world and it is just amazing the type of wrongdoings that are being Discoverer, especially as election time is near.

Some of the news have been:

* State paid $94 million for ‘ghost’ students.

State legislators learned this week that in 2009 schools were paid for 16,315 students no longer in attendance.

* State: Penn Township trustee Jeffrey Dean charged expensive meals and alcohol to the township credit card and paid his administrative assistant thousands of dollars to clean the office according to a report by the State Board of Accounts.

* Errors found in Indiana court statistics.

* Almost 3,000 millionaires claim jobless benefits:

According to U.S. Internal Revenue Service data, 2,840 households reporting at least $1 million in income on their tax returns that year also collected a total of $18.6 million in jobless aid. They included 806 taxpayers with incomes over $2 million and 17 with incomes in excess of $10 million.

Many years ago this type of conduct was expected to take place in the then called ‘Banana Republics’, that is third world countries.

Today we are talking about the same type of behavior in the United States.

Are they going to also blame it on the immigrants who bring criminal behavior to the country? Are we going to say that ethics at all levels are not in control and one can expect unethical actions at all levels of administration?

Was not this what was critiqued about the citizens in other countries who take advantage of the situations, work only in their best interests and forget about the common taxpayer who is paying for these bad expenditures?

Most people coming from third world countries know that at their places of origin high positions are the result of conniving, tricking, manipulating and above all, of taking the opportunity of benefiting by doing business from positions of power.

But that was there, in those places. You would not expect to find here a mayor and city council that have paid themselves enormous amounts of money from the public funds. But it did happened in California. And you would never dream of finding a public servant selling guns, and breaking the border laws just to have tons of money. But it did take place in Texas.

This country is turning into a place where you have to have your guard up, where you need especial protección, not only from the common street criminal, but also from the mighty politicians who take advantage of their positions to steal.

If other parts of the common good are affected, like funds for health, education, roads etc, their unethical behavior is directly affecting each one of us, who ultimately are the ones who also pay their salaries.

Election time is approaching and with it the campaigns of personal attacks that are also a third world tactic. People are lead to believe in that good or bad image created by the media manager of the respective candidates instead of looking at the facts about the accountability and transparency and hard work that they are paid to do.






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