The “right” surname, color or origin, does not account for the response of a human being fitting the pattern of being “poor,” “a minority voice” or any other labeled role.

Naming a Gonzales to a justice role in Mr. Bush’s administration should not be read as an empowerment of Latinos, on the contrary it has to be interpreted as choosing someone who is more adept with the same characteristics as this rapacious administration.

I would like to quote a Puerto Rican woman, who I have never met, but who wisely expresses the opinion of many decent Latinos:

“Saludos desde Puerto Rico, I do not judge Alberto Gonzales differently because he is a ‘Hispanic’ or Latino or Chicano. I judge him in the same way I would judge him if he were white. I judge him as one human being judges another, no more and no less.

His contrived legal justification for torture and open-ended detention ­ US governmental actions that violate the hard-fought-for Universal Geneva Accords — must be condemned.

His so called ‘efforts’ in the field of Affirmative Action that have all those nice compassionate conservatives worried about how ‘liberal’ he might be, destroyed Affirmative Action programs in the University of Texas System, especially at the University of Texas at Austin. Undergraduate scholarships are literally 1/3 of what they were in the 1980s. Graduate scholarships like the Graduate Opportunity Fellowship no longer exist. Enrollment figures tell the tale at both the undergrad and grad levels.

Throughout his professional career, Gonzales’ actions have helped those in power justify that power and amplify it to the determent of the rights of those who are powerless.

For Alberto Gonzales, the fact that he is ‘Hispanic’ is incidental. He holds no loyalty to others that carry that label. Why should others that carry that ethnic label show loyalty toward him?

I condemn the actions of Alberto Gonzales in the same fashion that I condemn the actions of the pro-statehood Puerto Rican governor Pedro Rossello, who has also had the questionable distinction of having the most corrupt administration that these islands have seen in the more than 500 years of our recorded history.

The actions of both men have nothing to do with their being, or not being Hispanic.” Borinque~a CERJer Maria Ramirez.

I agree with Maria, as simple human beings in this global political and economic new world, instead of playing to the usual parties, nationalities, or other known groups, we have to mature to consider ourselves as citizens of the world, with a moral responsibility to care for each other.

The transnational interests, that along with the military cast have extended their powers to suppress the lives of people everywhere, can not continue to be fed with our ignorance of “voting” and “participating” in situations already staged.