Cry Freedom

By T.W. Martindale • Sagwu Usdi 1997

Freedom was a luxury once possessed by people native to this untamed land. These were a people created and placed here by Sovereign God Almighty.

Yet...With the arrival of others who sought freedom from a cruel land in which they lived, the peace, tranquility, and freedom possessed by the native people of this land was forced from them with gun in hand.



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Sorry Everybody

Some of us — hopefully most of us — are trying to understand and appreciate the effect our recent election will have on you, the citizens of the rest of the world. As our so-called leaders redouble their efforts to screw you over, please remember that some of us — hopefully most of us — are truly, truly sorry. And we'll say we're sorry, even on the behalf of the ones who aren't.



Native American National Day of Mourning

By Darrel Richey, MDUUC Ministerial Intern

November 26, 2003

Many Native Americans, following the call from Wamsutta Frank James, celebrate November 27th as a National Day of Mourning with prayers and fasting. In 1970 Wamsutta was asked to speak at the Massachusetts state commonwealth dinner celebrating the 350th anniversary of the pilgrim landing at Plymouth Rock. When Wamsutta arrived for the dinner, he was asked for a copy of his speech.(1)