Fragments of the tore up sea wall, create a boundary between the city of Havana, Cuba and the flood zone. Wilma struck the island in the tropical storm category.

From left to right, Richard Mendez, Principal from Roosevelt Elementary,; Allan Kauffman, City of Goshen Mayor; Liliana Quintero, Director Hispanic/.Latino Health Coalition of Elkhart County and Dave Miller, City of Elkhart Mayor..

Mexico in US

By Domenico Maceri

More than 25 million US residents are of Mexican origin, according to US census figures. Would the number go up if the US Congress approves a guest worker program?


Rally unites Latinos in one voice against domestic violence

INDIANAPOLIS— Latino leaders, community members, and advocates united yesterday in a rally against domestic violence downtown at Monument Circle. The Latino Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (LCADSV) and the National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence organized the event.