This election reminded me of a wedding. People go through so much pain and anxiety before a wedding that sometimes the expectations grow beyond what comes afterwards.

Just think about it. First comes the engagement (nomination), and everybody looks at the ring and weighs the possibilities of success the couple may have.

After that, the relatives of the interested parties take control of the situation (interested parties), and start making plans concerning the place, time, dresses, invitations, and so on.

The bride and groom turn out to be the paper guests at their own wedding.

From that day on everyone has a say in the event, and they have to be very polite and respond graciously to every situation.

After an exhausting calendar of try outs they have to choose the appropriate maid of honor and best man which is a very political move in the family, (you have to pick the right people to walk with you).

Let us also take into consideration the expenses. So much money and energy is put into the ceremony and the party that you could have solved many problems with that money if used wisely (sounds like the electoral process). Think of all the millions of dollars spent in propaganda while talking about the needs of the poor!

And the day finally arrives. In the case of elections, the happy couple crosses the goal line!

Now. the day after is what I think resembles most the wedded couple.

All those promises need to be met. All those plans to make come true.

And after the party, the celebration, and opening of gifts, reality settles in. Daily life has its own very real challenges. You have to adjust your budget to real needs, eat and share with people you truly do not like (some of the relatives), and the daily chores take away much of the shine of the time you thought you would have for relaxation, thinking and planning.

Above all the couple realizes that their fragment of celebrity and centrality turns into how to materialize those dreams you had before. At the same time you have to start returning favors, writing thank you notes, returning gifts, and organizing your house for the first expected invitations. (Does it sound like something politicians need to do after the election?)

Now in loving families the extended families are there to support and guide especially through hard times at the beginning.

I am glad that in this electoral campaign so many people have participated in getting ready for THE DAY, and the victory!

After the day we need to continue been part of the campaign. NOTHING is going to go right if we do not assume our part as members of this family.

Our responsibility does not cease after voting. We cannot expect that the elected people do their task without the guidance, council and alertness of the common people who have elected them and to whom they have to respond.

It is a must that we do not lose momentum after the elections, on the contrary is the time to build on the energy and relationships created about the common tasks of thinking and sifting through the many details that were ventilated during the campaign. The issues that concern us will continue to exist after the elections. These have been the first steps in regaining a democratic process in the country. What has been accomplished this year has been thanks to the effort and endless hours of many volunteers who have moved this country. That is the true spirit that built the nation and is ready once more to step in and give new birth to the dreams of many

Couples start building their present and future after the party and it is a long, daily process.

What can we do after the election is over? That is the most important question