This is a time for reflection and thankfulness.  Worldwide humankind is realizing that greed has driven the world towards a crisis.  Nevertheless this is an opportunity to return to what is really important and necessary.

This is a trial of our endurance, generosity and solidarity.  Losing everything places an individual at a point of weakness and yet it is a point of maximum strength as one realizes that many of the things we have surrounded ourselves with were not absolutely necessary and many times we spent countless hours and put our full energy into having the ‘best’ car, a bigger house, the latest fashion, etc.

In the US we can think about turkeys and an abundant Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, or we can think of having something simpler and thus be able to share with others who do not have enough food on their table.

We can also choose to participate in ‘black Friday’ the official shopping spree day after Thanksgiving, or we can think about changing our style of shopping, spending and sharing.  Maybe people would appreciate more a handmade gift or a small memento; and instead that money could be used to help others in their time of need.

In the US, people who are citizens have resources; there is unemployment benefits, food stamps, pantries, etc.

For the immigrants however, all those are not an option. If they have legal residence they may collect unemployment, but most of them will not have access to food stamps or any other resource.

For undocumented immigrants the situation is worse.  Even though they worked, they have no access to unemployment; they also do not have access to social security benefits.

Food banks and pantries deny them access to food because of lack of documents, therefore once more the immigrant community tries to meet these needs using what little they have in order to help their relatives, friends and neighbors.

We are hearing of local angels who are providing shelter, food and care to two and three other families in their own homes.  Some of them are trying to weather the situation waiting for a change that will allow them to be part of the general community as regular human beings. Others are part of the invisible caravan of foreigners, mostly Mexicans, leaving the country.

To all those who persecuted them before and said that they were just ‘benefiting’ from the US, let it be known that they came to work. Because there was work, they were here.  There is no more work, so they are leaving and in doing so they are leaving behind ghost towns.  Their mobile homes, trailers and modest houses lost to them beyond recuperation.  They are leaving with their old cars since Mexico will only let them in with cars older than 1999. They are hoping to find a place in society wherever they may go.

To those who persecuted them, now you can have the place all to yourselves. But let it be known that the immigrants were not the cause of the national bankruptcy.  They were also the victims of an insane war that took all the resources.

At this time of reflection and thankfulness, I am thankful to the millions of US citizens who have realized that the direction and purpose of the country must change and they are willing to be part of that change.

As I said before, this is a time for new opportunities, a time to regain our own humanity.