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  • Edición impresa de Noviembre 3, 2009.

Have you ever smacked your toe or hand against something, start to jump up and down while someone tells you: “Concentrate on something else! The pain will go away!”

What an offense! You feel this insensitive guy should shut his mouth and go away leaving you to suffer (enjoy?) your pain.

Of course you think, he can talk because it is not his pain, nor his circumstance!

Do you feel the same way when someone tells you: “Too bad you don’t have a job, and the situation looks bleak, but it will go away. Let’s look at other possibilities. be glad that you are still healthy, or have a place to live, or whatever”. And you may feel, “How does this person dare give me advice while going home every night to a warm bed, fine meals and savings?”

Other will tell you that “To ‘change the world’, first change your own reality”. Yet you think: “How do you do that without a job, money or health? Do you wish yourself to health or wealth?” Maybe if we think about it from a different perspective we will start to see other aspects of ‘reality’

Most of the time our thoughts and wishes have been shaped by the culture that surrounds us, but we should remember that humankind has not lived forever as we do today.

There have been many changes throughout and they were made by human beings like you and me.

Society, from production, way of work and societal relationships was not the same in feudalism, slavery, early capitalism and it certainly is not the same today as it was ten years or even two years ago.

Human kind has experienced a continuous mode of scarcity and conflict for the past 5000 years and we are still exploiting and killing each other in the 21st century just as we did in 3000 BC. Nevertheless because of the interconnectedness we now have, people are awakening to the fact that we have surrendered ourselves to the power of commercialization and have been driven by the media.

We are supposed to be living under a constant state of fear, real or imaginary, and the solutions have to be given to us.

People have started to realize that there is people power when individuals decide to change their circumstances by joining small groups that pursue answers to collective welfare and individual freedom and compromise.

What does all this have to do with daily life?

Think again. If we had suffered a natural disaster and you had to start from scratch somewhere else, do you feel capable of doing that?

What are the things that hold you down at the time of making decisions? What is really necessary for you? Would you be better off letting go of many ‘possessions’ that weigh you down instead of giving you stability?

In a heavy storm at sea would you think twice about throwing out everything so as not to let the ship sink? And when you consider this, would you become involved in the heavy things that brought you down? Or instead will you think twice about the time you put into that effort that you could have spent in building relationships with your own family and friends.

So, going back to: “To ‘change the world’, first change your own reality”, does it make some sense now? Or are we expecting that someone will fix our lives based on their perceptions and beliefs?

We cannot expect to achieve the same results as people we compare ourselves to. Our lives are our own, and we should have a say in our results.






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