Blanca Vargas, Vicepresident of Northwest LULAC, Edwin Rosado Treasurer of LULAC 5001, and one of the broadcasters celebrate at the “ Open House” of the Latino station “Sabor Latino, 98.1 F.M.” which broadcasts out of South Bend, Indiana.

Learning Spanish is more than learning words, is getting immerse in the culture. That is what these Spanish students at GMS experience in their classes. Dancing music from other cultures is one of the regular activities of the curriculum.

Tatyana Sukhotinskaya, from Russia is a new ENL teacher at GMS. In her classes attend together children from different countries: Russia, Ukraine and Mexico among others.

These students also learn some delicious and simple recipes from Latino cultures

The Consulate of Mexico in Indianapolis, Indiana is pleased to announce to the Mexican community and to the public in general the opening of its offices on Monday, November 25.

We will be providing services to residents of the states of Indiana, Kentucky and the counties of central, east, west and south of the state of Ohio.


After Thanksgiving Day on Thursday when we will be officially in the “Christmas shopping season,” our thoughts will be focused on what gifts to buy our loved ones on our Christmas list. In addition to the gifts you buy, think about giving these priceless gifts on the following list.

These don’t have to be bought, wrapped, mailed, or exchanged, and best of all, one size fits all. They are simple things that are a gift of yourself, cost only a little effort, and can bring great joy to others. They are not necessarily just for Christmas, and you



LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE • The celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Patrona of Mexico, the Queen of the Americas also begins on December 3 and culminates on her special day, December 12, when all Mexico pauses to celebrate the mother of God as she appeared on Tepeyac, the prehispanic site of the temple to Tontanslin , one of the most influential Aztec goddesses, asking that a temple be built to her on that site, as the Mother of Mexico.