Two thousand Mexican citizens received their Matricula during the four day period that the Mexican Consulate issued the documents in Mega-Plaza on December 10-13.

Students from Goshen Middle School ate at El Palenque Restaurant in Elkhart. Eating, dancing and being exposed to another culture is part of the regular Spanish course curriculum.

You can find authentic sugar cane at El Paraiso in Elkhart. The students from Goshen Middle School learned about some of the Christmas traditions in Mexico, like using the cane to make Mexican punch, a Christmas bevereage. This student decided to take a stick of sugar cane home.

Matricula Consular Eliminates Barriers

Elkhart Housing Partnership was honored to work with local Hispanic leaders from Mega Plaza, El Puente and La Prensa Hispana in organizing the recent Mexican Consulate visit to Elkhart County. The experience confirmed what many of us already knew about the desires of thousands of Elkhart working families who want access to the financial and public services that many U.S. residents take for granted.


Goshen College to offer first-hand look at faith in the midst of a drug war

GOSHEN, Ind. — In the most dire situations, people often find themselves strengthened spiri-tually. Ron Stutzman, Goshen College professor of anthropology, hopes to show students the strength that can come from adversity in his course by taking students to Bogotá, Colombia, for “Doing Theology Abroad “ course in May 2003.


Would you like to help an adult learn English?

The Goshen Adult LiteracyProgram, which provides free one-on-one tutoring for adults, needs tutors for limited English proficient adults. A free training will be held on Tuesday evening January 14 at the Goshen Public Library from 6 ñ 8:45 PM in the


Las Posadas are fiestas that begin on the 16th and end on the 24th of December. In Mexico, during this period, there are many Posadas every evening.

Invited -and as usual, some non invited- guests arrive at the house where the Posada will take place, always in the evening. A group goes outside the house, with lighted candles and papers with the words of the verses to ask for Posada. They sing “En el nombre del Cielo os pido posada, pues no puede andar mi esposa amada./ In the name of Heaven I ask you for lodging,because She cannot walk,my beloved wife.


Four levels of Conversational Spanish classes, offered by the Goshen Adult Literacy Program, will begin in January.

Levels one and two will be held on Tuesday evenings January 14 ­ March 25 at Goshen High School. Levels 3 and 4 will be held on Monday evenings January 20 ­ March 31 at Goshen Public Library. The cost for 20 hours of instruction is $80.